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The Louisville Hotel Association (LHA) is comprised of hotel and motel general managers who are committed to the advancement of tourism in the Greater Louisville area.

The group represents 10,700 rooms in the Louisville metro area.

The mission of the organization is simple – providing service and leadership to hospitality members and the community to advance tourism. LHA plays an active role in the area of tourism and is a strong advocate for issues facing the hospitality and tourism industries.

Our Members

Am I eligible to become a member?

Membership is open to any establishment that has sleeping rooms for rent. Membership is in the name of the establishment and dues are based on the number of sleeping rooms at the property.

The bylaws specify the following qualifications:

  • At least fifteen (15) rentable rooms or units.
  • Round-the-clock essential services, primarily 24-hour clerk and telephone service for the safety, protection and comfort of guests.
  • Food service, preferably on the premises or closely adjacent.
  • Good reputation in the community or region for cleanliness and high moral standards.
  • High standards of management.
  • Rates comparable to those prevailing within the community.
  • Cooperate with other members and associations for the exchange of business and participate in the solution of problems common in the community.

Benefits of being a member

LHA offers a number of benefits to its members that provide both personal and professional enhancement.


1 Networking

Membership in LHA gives you an instant network of almost 60 hotel and motel general managers who are always willing to share information with fellow members. In-person networking opportunities include luncheon meetings, two golf tournaments annually, and other organization events.

2 Education

Luncheon meetings are provided every other month on the third Wednesday. These luncheons offer networking opportunities as well as presentations and discussions of issues pertinent to the hospitality and tourism industries.

3 Newsletter

A newsletter featuring news of members and general interest is produced monthly.



The LHA office archives information on the Greater Louisville Hotel market, including list of properties, number of rooms, etc.

5 Access to Leaders

LHA takes and active role in legislation that targets the hospitality/tourism industry in Kentucky. The organization also invites key leaders to speak at the luncheon meetings.

6 Website

Access to membership information, market information and our online calendar of events for the organization. Only members will have access to the downloadable database.


Become a Member Today

Membership in LHA is by organization. We require a key contact for your company for our database - for hotels, it is typically the general manager. If you have other members of your team that you would like to be on the mailing list, simply send their names and addresses to the email below and we will be happy to add them.

Hotel Members pay $2 per room per year for properties that have 100 rooms or less.

Properties that have 101 rooms or more pay $4 per room annually.

There are two Allied Member categories:
Affiliates - $250
(designed to accommodate non-profit attractions, arts organizations and museums in their important role in Louisville tourism)

Supporters - $500
(food and beverage distribution companies, liquor distributors, audio-visual companies, travel companies, bourbon experiences, or other businesses that want to work with hotels)

You may pay for your membership by check or credit card. If you are paying by check, the system will automatically generate an invoice at the end of the process (so be sure to check your junk/spam folder if the invoice doesn't appear within a few minutes). If you are paying by credit card, the system will automatically generate a receipt.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or at 502.456.1851 x1.